The average saver aged 35 to 44 has a total of $48,915 in retirement, college, and health savings on our platform.*

How much is enough? And how are different generations saving for life’s biggest moments?

*Based on combined retirement plan, 529 college savings plan, and health savings account average account balances for this age segment on the Ascensus platform.

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At Ascensus, we work hard every day to help nearly seven million Americans save for retirement, education, and healthcare.



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Million IRA/HSA accounts serviced



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Rated among the highest in the industry in "value for the money" in Cogent Reports 2016 Retirement Planscape

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Ranked #1 529 program manager in assets under management by Strategic Insight


Home to a leading compliance team with 50+ attorneys, CPAs, and consultants

As of September 30, 2016

Making saving a priority

Many Americans realize the importance of making smart savings decisions. In fact, over one fourth of Americans resolved to save more and spend less in 2016.

Source:, Survey: What are Your 2016 Resolutions?, December 2015.

30% save more, spend less

But how much progress have savers really made?

We have a unique vantage point on our savers' behaviors, preferences, and priorities. Our data reveals what kind of plans savers are making today to prepare for their future, and how our industry continues to evolve to meet their needs.

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